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Coach Spotlight

May 14th 2020

Gabriel Huang or ‘Coach Gabe’ as his students address him, is a strong advocate of the positive values that can be taught through sport; Effort, Discipline and Perseverance.  He also strongly believes in the importance of imparting correct technical movements and skills in order for his students to achieve positive results in health, sport & fitness. 

Gabriel is accredited by both the National (WFS) and International (UWW) bodies for Wrestling and holds the title of ‘Senior Coach’ in the National Registry of Coaches (NROC). He has also completed an overseas Olympic Solidarity Coaching Diploma Scholarship for Wrestling in Hungary and holds a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science degree. Aside from his academic accolades, Gabriel is also a 6x National wrestling champion who has represented Singapore internationally across 3 continents.

Gabriel attributes his inspiration, knowledge and flair for coaching from his first wrestling coach, Sergei Beloglazov a 2x Olympic Champion who was a strong advocate of imparting correct technical skills while keeping lessons fun yet challenging. Apart from wrestling, Gabriel has also trained and competed in a variety of other combative martial arts.

Although Gabriel coaches athletes ranging from age 5 to 65 of varying fitness goals and aspirations, he finds greatest accomplishment in helping our youth athletes in their physical and technical preparation for sports participation and competition.