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Covid-19 "Meersures"

In compliance with the latest government measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, classes will be suspended until the 1st of June.

During this time, our coaches will be running online practices via Zoom. Keep training with us online, stay home as much as possible and we'll see you on the mats in due time!

#100percenteffort #100percentmeerkat

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Out on the huge ring-shaped wrestling mat resembling an upsized dart board, the Dillon brothers looked like two pint-sized figurines grappling, as each sought to pin the other for a win.
Watching them grunt, struggle, and toss each other with relative ease, you wouldn’t be able to tell the obstacles they’ve battled to get on the mat. Jonathan, 12, is dyslexic, has eczema, and struggles with trigger fingers occasionally. The younger sibling, Jireh, 9, had been born premature, faced life-threatening growth issues and was often sickly. He even required a tonsil operation to ease his breathing.


Awards and Gallery


  • 2016, SG National Open & Trials, Most Outstanding Kids Wrestling Team

  • 2018 SGCC Kids Team Beach Wrestling

  • 2019 SG National Open & Team Trials, Overall Team Champion

  • 2019 Peter Lim Scholarship award, Jonathan Dillon and Jireh Dillon

  • 2019 SEA Games Women's Wrestling (55KG)
    Bronze Medalist, Yap Su Jun 


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