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Classes and Courses

An Affiliate club of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore, Meerkats Wrestling Club provides fun, competitive and educational Olympic Wrestling classes for age 5 and up! 

A stone's throw away from Stevens MRT station with ample free parking at Tanglin Community Club.
Private & Corporate training sessions are also available upon request.

Training Location:
Tanglin Community Club, 245 Whitley Rd, Singapore 297829


Kids Classes

Kids FUNdamental (5-12)
- Fundamental skills focused on the 7 basic skills required to be an all-round wrestler taught through fun games, gymnastic skills and wrestling activities.

Kids Mixed (5-12)
- Classes are geared towards competitive kids but suitable for all to enjoy with the 7 basic skills of wrestling being taught and scaled towards participant's ability level.

Kids Specific (5-8 and 9-12)
- Classes are split to different age groups to cater to the specific demands of individual age groups.

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Adult Classes

Adult Fundamental

- Fundamental skills taught in-line with the SG Wrestling Grading syllabus.

Adult Intermediate
- Learn to chain fundamental skills together through setups, priming strategies and formulate your own personal playbook.

Classes: Courses
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