Our mission

Building champions in life.

At Meerkats Wrestling Club, our aim is to groom Champions in Life through Olympic Wrestling. Life is hard, but so is Wrestling. In Life, you are susceptible to both success and failure. A constant battle of Winning and Losing, a long process of constant learning and we recognise that Winning or Losing; both provide us with equal yet unique, valuable lessons. Just like wrestling.

Wrestling will teach you how to deal with both; how to pick yourself up when you fall, how to leverage on the people around you to achieve success, and what it takes to stay above the competition. It will teach you to use that success to build the others around you. It will teach you to seek excellence in whatever you do, and that is what Meerkats Wrestling Club is all about, wrestlers leveraging on one another to achieve team success.

Studies have shown that any form of Physical activity is important for your child's overall health and physical well being. Activities such as chess are also good to build your child's mental acuity. Wrestling is like “Physical Chess”, it will provide the benefits of both activities in a physical and mentally challenging, yet safe and structured way.

We recognise that balancing both Academics & Sport in Singapore is no walk in the park and will take a holistic approach to support you in managing your child's Academic and Physical Education needs. Our experienced coaches will strive to ensure that your child does not neglect one for the other.

Like we said, we want to build Champions in Life, not only on the mats.



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