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Gabriel Huang

Head coach, Founder

Gabriel or 'Coach Gabe' is an accredited coach by both the National and International bodies for Wrestling. Gabriel has also completed an overseas Olympic Solidarity Coaching Diploma Scholarship for Wrestling from the University of P.E, Hungary and holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise & Sports Science.
Besides his academic accolades, Gabriel is a multiple National wrestling champion who has represented Singapore internationally across 3 continents. He draws his inspiration, knowledge and flair for coaching from his first coach, Sergei Beloglazov a former 2-time Olympic Champion who has taught him to be a strong advocate of imparting correct technical skills while keeping classes fun and challenging. Gabriel has also trained and competed in a variety of other combative martial arts. Coach Gabe enjoys imparting his knowledge to the young as it is through them that he hopes to spread his love for this game of 'physical chess'.


Edmund Miranda

Assistant coach

Coach Edmund is the assistant wrestling coach at our club. He is an accredited Wrestling and Sport psychology coach with a Diploma in Sports coaching. He also competes regularly at local wrestling tournaments. An aspiring nutritionist and physiotherapist, Edmund draws his motivation and knowledge to become the best from his current and first coach, Gabriel. Coach Edmund is a strong believer of the growth mindset and uses it to build cognitive and affective motor skills for the wrestlers at Meerkats Wrestling Club. His objective for every session is for our kids to train as a team, play hard and ultimately reach their performance goals while having fun. Coach Edmund favours the display of 100% effort during class over getting to the podium through talent alone as this creates a sense of intrinsic motivation and equips the
Meerkat wrestlers with the ability to face the world with an unshakable willpower and strive for success in whatever they set their eyes on.

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